Everton Village Hall
Everton village hall is a community hall run by volunteers for the benefit of the village

Everton village

Everton is a small rural village in the north east corner of Bedfordshire, sitting about 60 metres above sea level on the top of the Greensand Ridge.

A recently restored panel in the main hall shows photos of soldiers from Everton who fought in the First World War and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Click here for news of the Everton Soldiers’ Family Reunion.

Everton Village Society is made up of a small group of villagers from Everton who enjoy staging events for the benefit of the whole village and beyond.


200 CLUB WINNERS for  APRIL  2024

   £20     no.193     J Beattie & R Pachent

  £10     no.204     Rev H Young

  £5      no.151      Mr & Mrs Evans

  £5      no.38        Dr & Mrs Clarke




Everton Village Hall participated in Village Halls Week by looking at our GREEN credentials. So far we have:


    Replaced all our plastic cutlery and      plastic/paper plate use with CHINA      crockery and STEEL cutlery

     Put plans in place to replace all old      lighting with
LED bulbs

     Gathered quotations to upgrade the hall      
floor with insulation to improve its      Energy Efficiency

   Agreed to add insulation to the loft      area to maximise heat retention

Report and photo (opposite) of our recent  new front fence and gate opening ceremony

Everton Village Hall’s new front fence and gate  were officially opened by Councillors Adam Zerny and Tracey Wye on Tuesday 14th March 2023 at the regular Soup & Social event held fortnightly on Tuesday mornings. The cost of the new fence was helped by a £1000 grant from the Ward Councillor Grant Scheme supported by Cllr. Wye.

Everton Village Society (EVS)

See our EVS page HERE which includes a history of the society. It also includes a link to a new study of the northern end of the Greensand Ridge by Dorothy Jamieson entitled Lands and Landscapes of the north end of the Greensand Ridge.

Everton Village Hall is a registered charity and is run by a group of volunteers who live in the village. The management committee is made up of a chairman, secretary, treasurer, bookings secretary and general committee members.  The committee meet every two months. Each year the committee organise a “200 Club” to raise funds towards the upkeep of the hall. Tickets cost £6 each and go on sale in March. If you would like to get involved with the operation of the village hall, please speak to a committee member or contact us via the Contacts page.

The hall has recently been improved with the installation of a new front fence and gate, officially opened in March 2023 by Cllrs  Tracey Wye and Adam Zerny..

Everton Village Society


Everton Village Hall


Registered Charity 200201

Everton Village Hall

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