Everton Village Hall
Everton village hall is a community hall run by volunteers for the benefit of the village

Everton village

Everton is a small rural village in the north east corner of Bedfordshire, sitting about 60 metres above sea level on the top of the Greensand Ridge.

A recently restored panel in the main hall shows photos of soldiers from Everton who fought in the First World War and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Click here for news of the Everton Soldiers’ Family Reunion.

Everton Village Society is made up of a small group of villagers from Everton who enjoy staging events for the benefit of the whole village and beyond.

Upcoming events for 2019

Sat 5th Oct 2019     Church Gift Day

Sat 16th Nov 2019  PCC Coffee morning

Fri 13th Dec 2019   EVS Xmas Cheese&Wine

Grass Cutting ROTA

200 CLUB WINNERS for  Oct 2019

£20  No 187    Jean Cooper

£10  No  95     Val & Bill Hunt

£5    No  67     Dave  Doune

£5    No 210    Robin Tester


The use of bouncy castles and other inflatables at the village hall is expressly excluded from the village hall insurance policy as a hazardous activity. Even though reputable providers will be fully insured, this usually covers their liability and not the hirer of the equipment. Because of the risk of serious injury and the size of potential claims which could arise as the result of alleged negligence or a lack of supervision on behalf of the hirer, the only circumstance under which we can allow their use is when the hirer has their own personal liability insurance or the hirer signs an indemnity waiver document. The hirer is also asked to put the soft mats (from the store cupboard) into place to protect the hall floor from damage.

Everton Soldiers’ Family Reunion

The reunion held on the 4th October 2014 of the families of the 10 village men who fell in the First World War was a geat success. Click here for more information.

Everton Village Hall is a registered charity and is run by a group of volunteers who live in the village. The management committee is made up of a chairman, secretary, treasurer, bookings secretary and general committee members.  The committee meet every two months. Each year the committee organise a “200 Club” to raise funds towards the upkeep of the hall. Tickets cost £6 each and go on sale in March. If you would like to get involved with the operation of the village hall, please speak to a committee member or contact us via the Contacts page.

The hall has recently been improved with the addition of new french doors, giving easy access to the large enclosed rear garden

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Everton Village Hall


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Everton Village Hall

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